Evolve Outreach of Texas, LLC


The staff of Evolve Outreach of Texas, LLC. is dedicated to providing a continuum of services that address the overall health and safety of the individuals we serve. We empower and encourage them to adopt positive and permanent change internally as well as externally. ASSERTIVE COMMUNITY TREATMENT (ACT) The purpose of ACT is to provide a comprehensive program that’s responsible for providing treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses. INDIVIDUAL SERVICES Our services are for individuals 3 years and older. These services are intended to meet the needs of those experiencing behavioral and/or emotional issues. MEDICATION MANAGEMENT This service is intended to meet the needs of the individuals whose only needs are monitoring and support in managing of medications. FAMILY SERVICES Family services are intended to help children/youth, and their family and/or caregivers by preventing additional crisis situations. CRISIS INTERVENTION Services are intended to resolve current crisis, avoid a more intense or higher level of care, and prevent future crisis. TRANSITIONAL SERVICES The major focus here is to provide flexible services that assist individuals in maintaining stability, prevention of further crisis and ensuring those individuals receive the appropriate level of care.


2101 Crawford Street
Suite 311
Houston, Texas 77002
United States of America

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