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Start-Up Business Consulting Services Whether forming a partnership, corporation, non-profit or sole proprietorship, we have the knowledge and skills to help you start your business. Financial Analysis and Bookkeeping Services Bookkeeping, payables, receivables and financial analysis are services on which every business must focus. Not only are these tasks mundane and require time, but they can also take your focus away from your core business activities. Let us help you direct your focus where it belongs...on running and expanding your business. Business or Personal Tax Reporting Services We can help you make sure your taxes are filed on time every time. Whether you are in need of annual or quarterly tax returns and reporting or your personal taxes need to be completed, File-It can help!


5304 Almeda
Houston, Texas 77004
United States of America

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2012 Dowling
Houston, TX 77003
713.654.4115 (Tel)
713.654.4120 (Fax)

5304 Almeda
Houston, TX 77004
713.223.1135 (Tel)
713.654.4120 (Fax)

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