Ingrid Cooper


After spending time as a mentor with Parks Youth Ranch & as a volunteer with both Star of Hope & La Casa Rosada, a Catholic Orphanage in Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic, Ingrid had the desire to bridge the gap & develop an impact plan of action to engage the community to create social change through Sisterhood | Advocacy | Education & Empowerment one conversation , one workshop & one individual at a time. 1 of the biggest deals of her life was deciding to become the voice for: The need of Sisterhood, Education , Empowerment, Advocacy & Development . ​She has been at the pulse of helping inner city kids experience normalcy while maximizing their full potential by opening the doors of her home during the transitional phases of foster care. Ingrid also actively engages in fundraising activities for educational scholarships. SHE IS.......... An impactful LEADER , an ADVOCATE , An EDUCATOR , Motivational Speaker & PHILANTHROPIST that Empowers you to discover that Change always starts with an "I" . Ingrid advocates for those who are underserved while working directly with organizations and corporate entities who serve them Because of her desire to help the most vulnerable improve their quality of life Ingrid provides access to quality education through evidence-based practical training so that you can attain functional levels of literacy, numeracy and essential life skills. Are you ready to engage in a life at a higher level. Ingrid empowers you into making healthy, authentic, appropriate choices to live your best life today . Ingrid is the voice of reason . Through her signature workshops , Keynotes and group presentations, She empowers groups to adopt decisions for their business| their careers, & their lives using fact based evidence, experience and real life logic. Ingrid is available to speak at your : ​ Conference Small groups Organizational Sessions Company Training


United States of America

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