RC Fitness: The Mecca of Women’s Transformations

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August 04, 2017

RC Fitness: The Mecca of Women’s Transformations

(Previously Reggie C. Fitness)



Houston, TX (August 2, 2017) – RC Fitness – The Mecca of Women’s Transformations, has its grand opening on Friday, August 11th at 11:30 am.  The Press and Public are invited to attend to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The opening will highlight the name change and new location for RC Fitness – The Mecca of Women’s Transformations (Previously Reggie C. Fitness).  The new address is 9331 Stella Link Road, Houston, Texas 77025.


Reggie Collier is owner of RC Fitness in Houston, TX and takes an unorthodox approach to weight loss and personal development. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Texas Southern University. After graduating from college, Reggie gained some excessive weight due to lack of exercise and proper nutrition. It was shortly thereafter, he decided he was going to make the time and dedicate himself to not only changing his body, but his health and nutrition in order to be an example for all clients. From there, he found his passion and wanted to prove to himself that he could do anything and motivate others to do so as well.


Reggie loves motivating people to reach their own fitness goals and transforming his clients into what they strive to be. His knowledge about nutrition and weight training is a huge asset in his success with his clients. Having achieved hundreds of major transformations with clients, his philosophy of training is to meet clients at their level of fitness and take them where they want to go. The journey isn’t always easy or smooth, but his indomitable spirit and his ability to change clients’ comfort zone is what pushes them beyond their limits and produces results.


For more information visit reggiecfitness.com.