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The Word Church is a progressing church and we are excited that you are considering visiting with us in person. We know sometimes visiting a church for the first time can be quite scary. Well, we hope through this website we can ease any fears you may have so that when you visit you can feel right at home. Please take a moment and browse our website to find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about The Word Church and what to expect when you visit. Our mission here at The Word Church is three-fold. We are on a mission to: Continue to be a biblical ministry of excellence, designed to Evangelize, Edify and Equip the whole person. Stand to serve our surroundings and reach as many as possible for Jesus Christ! Therefore, The Word Church strives to be compassionate in our love, excellent in our service, holy in our living, and reverent in our worship. Pursue with passion, being a hand that gives and meets the needs of God’s people.


22351 Imperial Valley
Houston, Texas 77073
United States of America

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Sundays: 10am

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(281) 219-9673

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